The first round appraisal has been completed on July 23, and the second round appraisal will be held in the morning of July 24. Here is some information related to the second round appraisal:

1.The teams who need to attend the second round appraisal will be informed in the evening of July 23. There are 16 teams will attend the second round appraisal.

2.The second round appraisal will start at 8:30 on July 24, all 16 teams should arrive at 1st floor lobby of SEIEE Building No.4 before 7:40AM, and first 8 teams will enter into the venue at 7:45.

3.The total time for second round presentation is no more than 10 minutes including demo and Q&A, PPT presentation is not needed in the second round appraisal.

4.Because of time limitation, please demo the remarkable features of your project.

5.Pls. prepare 21 copies of Demo of Features and print out in advance, and present them to 21 judges when appraisal. And the Demo of Features just needs to include the remarkable features of the project.

6.Second round appraisal will be completed in the morning of July 24.

Second Round Appraisal list

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