2016 Intel Cup ESDC Webinar (May 23 and May 24) Q&A


1.Q: Where to download nationz_tpm2-linux-4.1-rc8.patch?

A: You can contact to nationz technologies to get this patch.

2.Q: We found that the speed of the Bluetooth on the 101 is slow, so what’s the speed of the BLE should be in general?

 A: Generally speaking, the speed should be 5.9k bytes per second. It won’t be too fast. The IOT is to run a UWP, the speed of the BLE with low power consumption Bluetooth is slow, but the speed of response is quick.

3.Q: The speed when we transferring data is up to 120 bytes per second. What happened? Is this normal?

A: The transferring speed will be influenced by the environmental effect and the running speed of the kernel. Your speed is okay. The transferring speed ofBLE is not so fast, with a speed of 5.9k bytes per second under the most ideal conditions. The speed won’t be fast in order to meet the low power demand.

4.Q: How to increase the transmission speed?

A: Maybe you can shorten the time interval of connection to try.

5.Q: How to connect the camera to the Intel board?

A: Use the USB port directly.

6.Q: What dose the computer terminal( Turbot terminal) use to communicate with Arduino 101? What about when the computer haven’t BLE Bluetooth?

A: You can find answers in our learning materials, or you can refer to the official website www.arduino.cc to search the questions, or this link https://www.arduino.cc/en/Guide/Arduino101#toc3.

7.Q: The win8.1 we installed on the Turbot is very laggy, is this normal?

A: The memories of Minnow board is 1G, is a kind of embedded development board. I suggest using lightweight operating system to develop.

8.Q: Hi, we used the external sata solid state drive to install the Ubuntu14.4.10, then couldn’t update the system. Then used the 15.4.10, still couldn’t update, what’s the reason? And then inserted the system U disk, we couldn’t get into the boot manager.

A: There’s no connection between boot manager and system. You’d better to use an useful system, use the iso of 15.4.10 directly.

9.Q: What’s the rate of the PCIE extend port on the board? What about when the DMA is been used?

A: Please refer to this link http://wiki.minnowboard.org/Flotsam_Lure.

10.Q: Can the Turbot boots by win10?

A: You can try win10 IoT Core.

11.Q: Can the board use the win10/win8 of PC?

A: Dissatisfies the minimal configuration of win10.

12.Q: How to use OpenCV in Win10 Iot?

A: I think you'd better porting openCV lib by yourself.

13.Q: How to expand the little external screen?

A: There has a mini HDMI port.

14.Q: Is the TPM only used to increase security? Can we don’t use it?

A: It depends on you. If your entry related to security, it’s better to use TPM.

15.Q: Dose it feel like that mobile payment kinds can use TPM?

A: Sure, the security of mobile payment is main problem to be solved.

16.Q: The problem of us was that the board couldn’t boot, and the keyboard along with mouse had no response, so we couldn’t get into the BIOS. This happened after once shut down. And now after pressing the power button the two guiding lights will be on, and the chip will heat, the keyboard and the mouse have no response. What should we do?

A: Maybe you have to find out the problem is software or hardware. If you have two boards, you can change SD card to test it. Maybe you can write down your email and contact information so that we can help you for more details.

17.Q: What’s the MIPS of board?

A: 64-bit Intel®Atom™ E38xx Series SoC.

18.Q: Is there any boot device tree of Linux operating system based on x86 architecture?

A: You can check the following link http://wiki.minnowboard.org/Shell_Commands.

19.Q: Why the screen of our circuit didn’t have output?

A: Some kinds of screens have bugs, so they can’t show the all. I suggest changing different kinds of screens to try.

20.Q: Is there any driven of Turbot can be shared?

A: https://software.intel.com/zh-cn/videos/minnowboard-turbot-firmware-and-intel-firmware-engine-tool.

21.Q: What do you think about the stability of the minowborad?Should we wear gloves to avoid the static electricity?

A: Electrostatic breakdown should always be avoided for any board.

22.Q: How you should program the hardware on this board?

A: Could you please check the training video/board manual?

23.Q: Which programing languages support the minnowboard?

A: Minnowboard own OS ,so it base on which complier you have installed.

24.Q: Where's the intel curie information?

A: You can check the following link


25.Q: Where can I find the English version training materials?

A: We have all the English version training material on the official contest technical website https://software.intel.com/zh-cn/articles/esdc2016.

26.Q: Does the Minnowboard have GPIO pins?

A: http://wiki.minnowboard.org/MinnowBoard_Turbot, please find your answers from this link.

27.Q: Which website will the englished version be posted on?

A: https://software.intel.com/zh-cn/articles/esdc2016.

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